Logan Hardware set to reveal new arcade location

LoganHardwareSignFeb 14th 2014 will be much more than Valentine’s day for Logan Hardware owner and proprietor Jim Zespy, as he is set to open a brand new Arcade & Tavern at the historic Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL.

Jim and his staff have been hard at work revamping the museum location at 2410 W. Fullerton Ave into a full-service tavern and arcade with an expanded video and pinball selection and the familiar record store and arcade museum has moved to a new location at 2532 W. Fullerton Ave.

The official press release is after the break…


We’ve had an excellent response to Logan Hardware Records and Arcade Museum at our new location but people still ask:

“So what’s going on with your old space?”

After a very long, challenging period of expansion we’re finally ready to introduce the newest part of our family!

As of February 14th 2014, we will open The Arcade in the original Logan Hardware building at 2410 W. Fullerton Ave. featuring not only a larger collection of vintage pinball, video games and more, but also a full bar with 20 quality draft beers and a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Arcade at 2410 W. Fullerton will be 21+ and The Museum at 2532 W. Fullerton will remain open to everybody where you can expect to preview games before they are featured in The Arcade and enjoy a regular rotation of games between locations.

In January 2010, Logan Hardware opened at 2410 W. Fullerton Ave. The building was originally a neighborhood hardware store that served our corner of Logan Square for over 50 years. With our backgrounds in music and a love for classic pinball and video games it was natural to combine the two.

We had over three excellent years in our original space but wanted the ability to grow the record store and also build a classic, full arcade. There was no way to do all of what we wanted to do in the old hardware store. We also wanted to grow with the neighborhood that has supported us from the beginning and offer more of what we do to a larger audience. In July of last year Logan Hardware Records packed up and moved to our new, larger space two blocks west at 2532 W Fullerton Ave. that allowed us to double our stock and add more games to The Museum.

The Arcade at 2410 W Fullerton is a natural extension of The Logan Hardware family. Like our record store we hope to provide a fun, relaxing destination for classic gaming with an inclusive, neighborhood feel, a place that feels like it has always been a part of our community.

Since opening, we have focused on the quality of our games. Many of them come to us one at a time from basements, garages and the outdoors – most of them near death. Including our in-house repair staff, the folks who work on our machines are a dedicated group of fans, players, restorers, and even some who worked in the industry back in the day. We have come together to rebuild these classic games, now hungry for your quarters.

Come join us for some FUN in our favorite corner of Logan Square beginning Friday, February 14th! We’ll provide the games whether it’s at The Museum (2532 W Fullerton) while you’re browsing records or now at The Tavern/Arcade (2410 W Fullerton), drinking your favorite beer!

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See you soon!
Logan Hardware

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