The podcast is more than that sum of its parts – that much is for sure.  We started the show back in September 2013 (!!) with the obligatory “introductions” episode and then dived knee-deep into the classic arcade and pinball scene.  Over the years, we’ve covered a litany of gaming-related topics, interviewed some insanely interesting people and met and made more friends than we could ever deserve and have produced a back-catalog that we can be very proud of. 

Our show is best described as “the everyman’s gaming podcast” as we have a primary focus on classic arcade and pinball topics, but have recently started to discuss console gaming as well.  We cover a myriad of topics on each show – gameroom updates, what’s been going on in life and the world around us, technical segments, new products, tools and ever-changing ways to “Spend Brent’s Money”.  We also feature dedicated discussion on game modifications and repair and we speak to what we think are very approachable ways to fixing your games as well as enjoying them.

We also cover a lot of current news in the arcade/pinball/console scenes and wind up discussing a lot of pop culture, movies and just about anything else our listeners ask us about when they write in.  Most any topic is fair game and we’ll have some kind of a take on it (informed or not).

In short, we are a show for you (and your family!) and we hope you enjoy the monthly jaunt through the hobby.

If this is your first time hearing about us – start at episode. 1.. everything will make the most sense if you do. 
If you are a long-time listener, then we thank you for sticking with us over the years and for investing your time – it means the world to us. 

If you are new to the show, then a bit of background information on the voices behind the microphones would be handy:

Brent Griffith

Don’t hate me because I’m pretty…

Brent is the co-host of the popular Brokentoken Classic Arcade and Pinball podcast. He grew up during the golden age of arcade and home video gaming.

Brent’s home game collection, inspired by a desire to learn about electronics repair, began 15+ years ago and got its start with him  collecting and repairing video games.  The game room soon expanded to pinball and currently includes his prized Addams Family.

When not hunting the next game or working on the podcast with Whitney, Brent works in the Information Technology field in his hometown of Louisville, Ky.

Whitney Roberts

This pic isn’t 3 years old, I promise.

Whitney spent many a Saturday playing games with his brother at a small convenience store that was located right next to a consignment shop that his Mother would visit most every weekend. It was there that his love for games like ZooKeeper, Astro Blaster, Scramble, Track & Field and others took hold. Later visits to the “Galaxy of Games” arcade in Frankfort, KY just cemented his love for gaming.

In fact, he credits this initial exposure to these games for his life-long interest in computers and electronics. Fast-forward 35 years and he’s now reliving those glory days collecting and restoring arcade games and playing pinball on the side.

Whenever he’s not working on the podcast with Brent, he’s spending time with his family, watching movies, honing his Donkey Kong skills and volunteering his time on several IT-boards within his local school district.

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