Episode 06 – What Time (Pilot) Is It?


February 2014

Brent and I venture into some new ground with the 6-month anniversary episode and respond to some listener requests by hosting the first of a series of editorial segments on ‘what is retro’ and ‘restored vs. refurbished vs. reproduction’ and discuss the merits of each and where we feel each topic has relevance in collecting and preserving our beloved games.

We also do some more in-depth coverage on what will be our first ‘podcast appearance’ with our booth at the Louisville Arcade Expo.  We have lots of discussion around that topic as Brent and I will be hosting several panel discussions, doing some live streaming and recording some live interviews as well.  We will also be taking up a collection for the GoFundMe drives for Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo.

We also spend some time talking about current project progress, artwork and parts reproduction parts coming available this month and anything else that we can cram in between segments!

Curious about the show title?  We pimp Time Pilot no less than 20 times this month (in a number of points through the episode), so we only felt it proper to give back a little respect.

Show Segment Layout

  1.  Intro Discussion & Show Agenda
  2. (15:00 ) – Updates & what we’ve been working on
  3. (86:20 – 1 hour, 26 minutes) Editorial – what is retro?  Restored vs. Refurbished vs. Replacement (Restoration Corner is mixed in here this month)
  4. (161:20 – 2 hours, 41 minutes) – Closing comments & Announcements

Show Segment Details

Updates & What we’ve been working on
Editorial Segment

What’s Retro to you?  What do you prefer – Restored, Refurbed or Reproduction?

These are questions that have as many answers as they do people asking; this month, we cover what we feel to be our stance on these subjects.

Are our viewpoints controversial? Maybe. 

Are they absolute?  Not by a long shot.

Is it fun?  You bet!

Thanks go out to our listeners for suggesting this editorial segment.  We had a blast with it and we’re sure that will come through in the discussion.

Restoration Corner

We discuss new arcade reproduction projects that debuted this month.  KLOV has some amazing vendors reproducing parts that are essentially unobtainable anywhere else.  Please consider supporting these vendors so that we can continue to get replacement parts for our machines!

Closing Comments & Announcements

We wrap the show this month with some closing discussion around what we opened the show with, and that’s our appearance at the Louisville Arcade Expo and all the events related to the upcoming show. We would love for all of our listeners who will be at the show to stop by and say ‘Hi!’ and please consider any donations possible to help out Barry and Python!

Upcoming Shows & Events

  • Louisville Arcade Expo
    • March 7-9 2014 @ the Ramada Plaza Louisville, KY
    • www.arcaderx.com
    • Brent and I will have a table at the show – come by and see us!

As always, we really appreciate everyone listening to the show! If you have any questions, feel free to email the show at ‘brokentoken@outlook.com’ or leave us a voice-mail at 502-517-7199!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 06 – What Time (Pilot) Is It?

  • February 20, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Another great show! Thanks for the heads up on the Pattern Generator project.

    Can’t wait to see you at the Louisville Arcade Expo. Just make sure you have time to play some games while you’re there! Looking for some good BrokenToken swag too!

    • February 21, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Hey Jeff, we appreciate the feedback on ep #06.

      You hit the nail right on the head though… getting some time to play will be the big challenge. We’ll make some time, but are really looking forward to meeting with everyone and talking about the expo/podcast/hobby/etc. That will be the big payoff for us!

      Oh yeah, we’ll have some BT swag – and T-shirts for sale – as well!


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