Episode 31 – A Trifecta of Fail


July 2015

We *finally* get back in our (studio) groove this month and stretch our legs a bit now that we’ve had the chance to recover from our recent Atlanta trip to the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo. We recount our experiences at the expo and keep a watch over the next month as we’ll be working on publishing content from that show, as well.

For being on the road as much as we have, we still managed to cover off on quite a few updates. Brent works on the Burgertime (remember that, right?!?) and also logs some time against a multi game for friend and burns (just kidding, but not really) a Space Invaders that just seems to love him a little too much.

Whitney has some (albeit thin) updates on Project ZK (for everyone), and has been going on what feels like a bona-fide mission on Powdercoating and both lament the many struggles (they are real, I tell you) of T-molding removal and installation on Rally-X and Gaplus.

We talk some additional tube-swap topics, have an editorial on the whole ‘Skit-B/Predator pinball drama’ and as with every month, Whitney “Spends Brent’s Money” where we talk lots of new parts and reproductions available this month.

We cover off on some great listener mail and give a “special” shout-out to Charlie and the gang at Spooky Pinball (listen to the end of the show… I’m about ready to retire Brent straight up, hence the show title).

It’s a 4-hour extravaganza (or something of the short… I needed a #20DollarWord for this month, and it fit) this month full of fun, laughs and great information.

Enjoy the show!

Episode 31 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
ALGOR Vertical-Frame monitor
model CR-M-19VH
(a.k.a Ati CR-M-19VH)
Repair Info thread @ KLOVDiscussed odd signaling and pinouts
Space InvadersGameSpace Invaders @ KLOV Midway version - not Taito!
Braze multi-kit for Space InvadersModSpace Invaders multi-kitIncludes sound and RAM diagnostics in addition to 8 game variations.
GaplusGame Gaplus @ KLOVDiscussed T-molding removal issues
Rally-XGameRally-X @ KLOVDiscussed T-molding removal issues
ZooKeeperGameZooKeeper @ KLOVNo progress, but I like having it in the show notes!
Major HavocGameMajor Havoc @ KLOVConversion cabinet discussion
BT Safeback DischargerToolsScrewdriver on Amazon

Battery clamps on eBay
Will update here once I get a blog post put together on the tool
Linesman PliersToolsKobalt pliers @ Lowes

Pliers @ Harbor Freight
Great for T-molding removal when things just aren't going your way...
JunkNet TV tube donor listWebsiteDonor tube listGreat place to start for tube swap reference. Hasn't been updated in a while, though.
JunkNet Tube Swap walk-throughInterviewSo you wanna swap a tube SeriesStep-by-step walk-through on performing a tube swap.
Major Havoc dedicated metalReproductionsInterest thread on KLOVIncludes control panel + other metal pieces:

Upper marquee bracket
Lower bracket
Perforated grill above the control panel
Perforated speaker mounting brackets (2)
JROK multi-Taito (tie-toe) FPGA control panelsReproductionsInfo thread @ KLOV
Reproduction RFI shieldsReproductionsPre-Order thread @ KLOV
G05 801/802/805
WG V2000
New Pinball Ramps!ReproductionsHigh Speed Clear Ramp @ Pinside

Genesis Ramps @ Pinside

Space Station Ramps @ Pinside

Swords of Fury Ramps @ Pinside
Heck, buy them all... it's only Brent's money! 😉
Freeplay - Easy Coin-Up ButtonModEasy CoinUp Button Website
Flat-out awesome
Freeplay - Jumpering the P2 button to a switchModBob Roberts Freeplay HackBob is the bomb.
Predator (and more Predator, and more Predator) Pinball talkDrama, suspense and (some) insightKevin Kulek interview on Ep. 8


Coast-To-Coast Ep. 142

PinheadZ Pinball Podcast Ep. 13
Nothing more to add... gotta listen!
Rob Zombie Spookshow International PinballGameDreadcentral's coverage of Spooky Pinball's announcement

YouTube Trailer
How many times did Brent butcher the name?
Atari 2600 "Stella" Programmer's GuideConsoleStella 2600 Programmer's GuideShout-out to friend-of-the-show Jim Hale for the heads up on this!
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