Episode 44–Welcome to Middle Management


July 2016

Summer is in full swing and we’ve got more podcasting goodness for your summer restoration work (or commutes…however you call it, we’re good with it!)

We discuss project updates from all over the place, talk about Red Tents (GRAILER), ROM burning, scanning artwork, what we ordered from Online Components, troubleshooting System 11 pinball machines, logic probes and last, but not least, go all SlapStic on spending Brent’s money – and that’s after he picked up the bill when we had dinner with listener David Paul!

If you can stomach all the topic dyslexia, then we have a special treat in store for you this month: Daniel DeBusschere hosts one of the panels from the 2016 Southern Fried Gameroom Expo entitled “Painting the Dots – Pinball’s Color DMD Revolution” and talks with Mica Critchfield and Mark Jarzewiek as they discuss all things ColorDMD – from how displays are colored to some history of the project and the company.  It’s great info that you won’t hear anywhere else.  On top of that, they premier color dots running on Family Guy for the first time, so you get a world-premier to boot!

If you want to catch the video from the session, then look no further as we’ve got it posted on our YouTube channel as well:

We also have plenty of feedback to discuss as well, so buckle up and get ready and remember…we are the way we are because we sit in the sun FAR too long…

Here’s how the show timings break down:

  • 0:00 – Intro & Updates
  • 1:18 – Tech/Restoration and Spend Brent’s Money
  • 2:18 – SFGE 2016 – Painting the dots – Pinball’s ColorDMD Revolution
  • 3:14 – News and Feedback
  • 3:39 – Outtakes

Episode 44 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
VueScan Professional from Hamrick SoftwareToolsHamrick Software
10 Pence Arcade PodcastPodcasts10 Pence Arcade Podcast
Gottlieb Premier World Challenge SoccerGamesGottlieb Premier World Challenge Soccer @ IPDB
System 3 -7 to Driver interconnectTools09-52-3102 @ GPE

2219S-10-01-2270 @ GPE
Leon Borre's test procedures and softwareToolsHome page on Pinwiki

System 11 CPU and Sound repair

System 3-6 CPU repair

Elenco Logic ProbeToolseBay purchase link

$17 bucks - you can't go wrong with this... it really ties the workbench together.
Asahi Seiko ADD-FT5 RED Reject buttons now available!Reproduction PartsMike's Arcade purchase link

Atari Slapstic TesterReproduction PartsInterest thread on KLOV

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!


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