58: Tough as nails but ugly as sin


August 2017

Brent threw down the gauntlet with this episode – if you can find an uglier patch of carpet than what he has in his workroom, then you win absolutely nothing – nada, zip, zilch…basically just bragging rights on the fact that you’re keeping it real while working on your games.

We have the usual gameroom and hobby updates, discuss Fandom Fest, collecting Funco Pops (we even open a few on air) discuss the good/bad on various multimeters, spend some of Brent’s money and discuss a topic that we thought would never be covered on an arcade/pinball podcast – the arrest of legendary pinball designer John Trudeau.  All this and feedback too – August 2017 goes down in the history books.

Here’s how the timings for the show break down:

* Segment 0 – 00:00 – 06:45 – The arrest of John Trudeau
* Segment 1 – 06:55 – 01:55 – Monthly updates and goings on
* Segment 2 – 01:55 – 03:02 – Multi-meter discussion and “Spend Brent’s Money”
* Segment 3 – 03:03 – 03:37 – TNA Pinball, News and Feedback
* Segment 4 – 03:38 – Outtakes and stuff…

Episode 58 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
The arrest of John TrudeauIndustry NewsAnnouncement on the Glendale Heights, IL Police Dept. Facebook page

Trudeau released on bail

John Trudeau discussion thread on Pinside
Please listen to 'segment 0' lead-in of the show and PLEASE consider making a donation to Project Pinball in the name of the show and let's do some good for the kids of the world and make a difference.
Funco Retro Video Games Mystery MinisToysFunco Retro myster mini figurines!

They are well-made, but pricey for a whole set.
Sky Skipper Project

Retro Gamer Magazine - Issue 170
Sky Skipper Project

Retro Gamer Magazine
Latest updates on the project!

Please check it out, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

Multi-meter reviewToolsCraftsman 31937511

Tenma 72-10390

Extech EX330

Bryman BM235

Equus 3320
Reproduction Jr. marquee and CPOReproduction PartsInterest thread @ KLOV

Scramble bezel on plexi or glassReproduction PartsProduct page @ Phoenix Arcade

$130 for screen-printed glass bezel + $30 shipping

Dedicated Universal Mr. Do CPO & Instruction card, Backart and Marquee - Laser-cut PlexiReproduction PartsCPO Product Page @ ThisOldGame

Background Product Page @ ThisOldGame

Marquee Product Page @ ThisOldGame
CPO and Instruction Card


Pac/Ms.Pac Switching Power Supply AdapterTools and KitsInterest thread @ KLOV

* Use a newer, more reliable power supply with your original Pac-man or Ms. Pacman gameboard
* Just insert this adapter between your Pacman wire harness and Pacman gameboard
* Requires a power supply with 12V and 5V terminals.
* Includes a 30-inch wire harness.
* Works with Original Pac-man, Ms. Pacman, and Pacman Plus PCBs
* You can leave the existing power supply connected, or remove the fuses. If your pacman has coin lights, the old power supply will still power them.
$25 shipped in CONUS

HighScoreSavesTools and KitsWarlords High Score Save Kit
Info thread @ KLOV

Info thread @ KLOV
Total Nuclear Annihilation PinballNew ShinyTNA @ Spooky Pinball

$5,995 - with initial payment of $1000 to secure order. Balance due upon game shipment.

OR CALL HER AT 815-541-0054

The Arcade Experience at the Center of Computing History in CabridgeEventsCentre for Computing History
The Walter Day CollectionNews
Walter Day's new website featuring an online encyclopedia of his trading cards

Ten Pence Arcade PodcastNews
Vote for your top-5 favorite arcade games @ the Ten Pence Arcade Podcast!

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