Episode 48–mmm…Thanksgiving Leftovers


November 2016

And just like that…. a warm, heaping pile of Thanksgiving Leftovers makes it way to your plate for what is episode #48!  We blame it on the tryptophan, so bear with us as we make room for seconds and break off a rather unconventional (in…like…it’s under 4 hours) episode of the podcast. We’ve had a pretty big November – we attended the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo and put on a couple of sessions there, met up with half of the Gameroom Junkies, slummed with Adam and JP of the Adam and JP Show, ogled the awesome work of Chris Royalty at Hot Rod Arcade/Pinball Plating and even rubbed some elbows with Patrick Scott Patterson.  Add on top of that a bevy of gameroom updates, trials and tribulations with the new Ghostbusters Pinball and some major progress on the Sky Skipper Project and you’ve got something worthy of the finest cranberry sauce that money can’t buy.

I *KNOW* Brent is thankful for this month, as I give his wallet a break and we catch up on a boatload of feedback as well.  We love hearing from our listeners, so keep it coming!

We hope you enjoy this ‘food coma’ of an episode as we all get geared for what is sure to be a great Christmas!

Episode 48 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Little Shop of GamesPartsGhostbusters Plastic Airball Fix Kit

Ghostbusters Extended Sling Protectors
If you have a Ghostbusters Pinball, you NEED to get both of these parts.
Back to the FutureGameBTTF at IPDB

F-14 TomcatGameF-14 Tomcat at IPDB
Sky Skipper ProjectUhh....

Not even sure how to classify this... will shoot for the following:

Sky Skipper Project
Whitney details the 'Day at NOA' story plus a bit more behind the scenes that didn't make it into the blog post!

Please check it out, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

Ghostbuster's Slimer FixMods

  • Qty 8 #8 washers on each fastener on the rear of the motor bracket (make a washer 'pack' with some painters tape)

  • 3/4" (up from the factory 1/2") #8 sheet metal screw

  • 1" (up from the factory 3/4") #8-32 machine screw

  • Qty 2 10MM washer on the mast

Mad PlanetsGameMad Planets @ KLOV
Satan's HollowGameSatan's Hollow @ KLOV
Grand Ole' Gameroom ExpoNews and EventsGrand 'Ole Gameroom Expo
Major HavocMajor Havoc @ KLOV
QuantumQuantum @ KLOV
Chris RoyaltyModsHot Rod Arcade

Pinball Plating
Adam and JP ShowPodcastsAdam and JP Show
Gameroom JunkiesPodcastsGameroom Junkies
Project PinballCharity OrganizationsProject Pinball

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