64: Wiggle Your Vectors



February 2018

I’ll just park that show title right here, and you can thank Brent for that one!  Even though February is always a hectic month for us (getting ready for the Louisville Arcade Expo) and such, we didn’t skimp on the free entertainment this month and managed to cram out 3 hours of shop talk on vector HV cages (hence the show title), a DIY Z80 pod for your Fluke 9010 tester, the absolute best IC puller known to man and a multi-Scramble kit that had Brent spending his own money faster than Whitney can – and that’s some trick.  We also give the Pins their due and pay some respect to the fantastic PAPA tutorials and the good work done by Bowen Kerins and his team.

Also, we’d like to give a special shout-out to Scott Danesi (www.scottdanesi.com) as he has graciously allowed us to use his MOST EXCELLENT music as the new official soundtrack for the podcast.  Yep – we are now officially almost as cool as Total Nuclear Annihilation.


Here’s how the timings for the show break down:

* Segment 1 – 00:00 – 01:15 – Monthly updates
* Segment 2 – 01:15 – 01:56 – Tech and Spend Brent’s Money!
* Segment 3 – 01:56 – 02:41 – News and Feedback
* Segment 4 – 02:43 – Outtakes!

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Episode 64 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
DIY Z80 Pod for the Fluke 9010A TesterToolsKLOV thread with more info - https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=420745

Kit is $100; contact KLOV thread author for more info or to order.

Full BOM delivered via PDF for build-out.
Reproduction HV cages for the G05/800, Wells V2000, Wells 6100 and Wells 6400RestorationeBay link - https://www.ebay.com/itm/WG19K6100-WG19K6400-Electrohome-G05-19V2000-HV-RFI-CAGE-COVER-Reproduction/263024526866~$42 shipped in the CONUS. Can't beat it.
Sky Skipper ProjectRestoration
Work progresses on the conversion kits!Latest updates on the project!

Please check it out, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

2-way Nintendo Switcher interest listAdd-on PartsKLOV thread with more info - https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=422588
Multi-Scramble High-Score Save KitAdd-on PartsKLOV thread with more info - https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=422429

$99 at High Score Saves - https://www.highscoresaves.com/multi-scramble-multigame-high-score-save-kit.html?options=cart&product_type=simple
wSYSFPGA - multi-Williams 6809 all-in-one 2017 revisionAdd-on PartsKLOV thread with more info - https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=406068

Latest manual and wiring diagrams available directly on JROK's website - http://www.jrok.com/wsf
Ungar Princess #6982 IC extractorToolseBay link with more info - https://www.ebay.com/p/NOS-Ungar-6982-Princess-IC-Extractor-for-Soldering-Iron/685762360?iid=380435338512

Go buy one and DO IT NOW!
Bowen Kerins PAPA tutorialsTutorialsPAPA YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-cSoq5qVVyts7H8rQjV-w

Just-published tutorial for World Poker Tour -
Bowen's Pinball Patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/pinball

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