Episode 30–Not Really, But Kinda Yes…


June 2015

It’s our big (ok, not really *that* big) 30th episode and we’re in the studio catching up from the last couple of months being on the road!  We recap our travels, some listener meet-ups and show shenanigans, even as we prepare for being at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo later this month! If you happen to be at the show, be sure to flag Brent and I down as we’d love to chat.

We recap our updates and talk about projects, acquisitions, money found and money lost and how we each tend to cost each other cash month in and month out!  Brent dives knee-deep into Space Invaders as he clears his way out for the return to the BurgerTime restore while Whitney is all over the map on tools, desoldering setups, ROM burners and restoration parts – and takes a good pile of grief over making absolutely no progress on Project ZK (Zoo Keeper).

To top it all off, we even delve into the 6502 processor origins by learning more about Mr. Chuck Peddle!  With so much schizophrenia (but in a good way) it’s a wonder the show didn’t end before it began. Smile

Here’s how the episode breaks down:

  • Segment 1 – Intro, updates and what we’ve had going on
  • Segment 2 – Technical and Restoration Discussion (1:27:00 – 87 minutes flat)
  • Segment 3 – News and Feedback (2:43:45 – 163 minutes, 45 seconds)
  • Outtakes @ 3:13

Episode 30 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Main Street AmusementsArcadeBurgerTime @ KLOVIndiana's largest pinball arcade with over 40 games!

Lafayette, IN
Space InvadersGameSpace Invaders @ KLOV Midway version - not Taito!
Braze multi-kit for Space InvadersModSpace Invaders multi-kitIncludes sound and RAM diagnostics in addition to 8 game variations.
GalaxianGameGalaxian @ KLOVDiscussed monitor swaps and the K4500.
BattleZoneGameBattlezone @ KLOVHarness issues, resets and more work needed.
Bump-N-JumpGameBump-N-Jump @ KLOVNew game acquisition by Whitney
Satan's HollowGameSatan's Hollow @ KLOVNew game acquisition by Whitney - needs a lot of work.
ZooKeeperGameZooKeeper @ KLOVNo progress, but I like having it in the show notes!
Major HavocGameMajor Havoc @ KLOVConversion cabinet discussion
Willem GQ-4X ProgrammerMCUMall
Needham EMP-20 ProgrammerToolsNeedham programmer page
Data I/O 29B ProgrammerToolsData I/O 29B reference pagesOfficial Yahoo support group
Chuck Peddle interview on the Ampre Hour podcast episode #241InterviewAmpre Hour Podcast episode 241Inventor of the 6502 processor.
BrentRadio's Space Invaders Reference siteWebsiteThe History of Space InvadersDefinitive reference site on Space Invaders.
ArcadeShop SI replacement power supplyModThe History of Space InvadersLinear power supply swap-out with required support circuitry for reliable power cycles.
Mirrored Tapper monitor bezel - Phoenix ArcadeReproductionsPre-Order thread on KLOVCost is $130 + shipping to CONUS
Pre-order now over, but thread has all relevant information.
Williams ROM -> IDE adaptersReproductionsInfo thread @ KLOV
Converts the 'non-standard' ROM cable connector to a 40-pin IDE cable connector and eliminates a huge weak point on the Williams ROM boards
Atari Star Wars yoke springsReproductionsPre-Order thread @ KLOV
$36 per set of 4 springs.
Major Havoc / 720 base moldingReproductionsThread @ KLOV$45 per 8ft. piece
Dragon's Lair & Space Ace scoreboards and annunciatorsReproductionThread @ KLOV
Mark Spaeth reproduction; $100 + shipping.
Nintendo 4-board PCB stack -> edge connector harnessModThread @ KLOVMark Spaeth production; interest thread only at this time.
Dezbaz's reproduction Amplifone and WG6100 partsReproductionThread @ KLOVParent thread for several sub-threads on each reproduction part.
Williams widget boardsReproductionThread @ KLOVMark Spaeth reproduction; $35 + shipping.
Tempest to Major Havoc roller controllerReproductionThread @ KLOVTakeman repdocution.
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