99: Have you heard from Ike Artin?

April 2021

Unfortunately Hank Hill DOES NOT make a guest appearance this month, but we’ll channel our best stand-in (and we do it a few times, actually) to help us get down to the business at hand – talking all about those sweet arcades and pinballs.  In fact, we even cover off on some arcade and arcade-related accessories (I had to say it) as we go.  Here’s just a few of the topics we stand in front of the fence and talk about this month:

  • Brent recounts numerous fixes done to the list of games that he’s sold over the past several months:
    • ArcadeMarquee.com
    • BW Vector HV Diodes and where to get them
    • Battlezone joystick bellows
    • Nintendo coin mechs and the difficulty in actually finding them
  • Whitney discusses the new website, the upcoming “Always Up To Date” guides and the CollectorVision Phoenix
  • Fitting different monitors into games and why a monitor isn’t always a “universal” swap from/to another game
  • Whole-House surge suppression and gameroom power plans
  • In the “Completely out of left field” dept. Haggis Pinball announces “Fathom Revisited”. This is a re-release of the 1981 Bally classic “Fathom” with quite a few new features.

We dive into the show mailbag for some good discussion around an upcoming show segment we’ll be putting together on bench testing setups.  Last but not least, we revisit the ever-growing list of things Whitney doesn’t like almost as much as woodgrain and leather T-Molding. 

A special “Thank You” goes out to Victor Marland of the Ten Pence Arcade Podcast for never letting us forget the things that bring joy from others’ fears. 🙂

All this and more in the “almost episode 100 but not quite yet” episode 99 – no mind checkers going on here, we promise!

Episode 99 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore Information
ArcadeMarquee.comReproduction Art
B&W Vector monitor HV DiodePartshttps://www.arcadeshop.com/i/970/hv1809-hv-diode-atari-b-w-vector-monitors.htm

Wizzes Workshop - Battlezone partsPartshttps://www.wizzesworkshop.com/?product_cat=battlezone

Monitor Color Sheets

Joystick bellows
"Nintendo style" roll-down coin mechsPartshttps://www.arcadeshop.com/i/1212/nintendo-coin-mech.htm

CollectorVision PhoenixFPGA Consoleshttps://collectorvision.com/phoenix/index.html

AtariMax ColecoSDMulticarthttps://www.atarimax.com/colecosd/documentation/

ElectroHome G07 Width CoilsParts

Places to purchase:


Intermatic IG2240-IMSK whole house surge suppressorGameroom

Haggis Pinball - Fathom RevisitedPinballClassic Edition: ~$7,360 USD | $9,500 AUD
Mermaid Edition: ~$8,900 USD | $11,500 AUD
Manufacturing is scheduled to begin on July 1st, with the plan to build 50 per month at the new facility.
You can purchase direct from the Haggispinball.com store beginning April 28th, 2021.

Feature Matrix
Thanks Vic! Twitter
How many coins will fit into a Nintendo Asahi Seiko coin mech? MailbagCredit to Adam Godfrey:

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