Episode 15 – Happy Birfday, the 20 dollar word



September, 2014

Welcome to Episode #15 of the podcast – which is also our “1-year Anniversary” show!

There’s a lot of ground for us to cover on this show, but we start off with a bit of reflection on how our first year in the podcasting ‘bidness’ had gone and talk about all the fun times we’ve had, the new friends we’ve made and just how “hard” (podcasting *is* hard, mkay) putting together a show from scratch really wound up being!

Once we wipe the nostalgic tear away, we dive face-first into hobby updates.  Whitney makes a pinball confessional (that I’ve since unboxed since we recorded the show), discusses ‘Pinball on the road’ (cue the Charles Kuralt music anytime…) with a visit to the Seattle Pinball Museum and Brent discusses paying it forward, pinball-style, with a project that he lined up for friend of the show Steve Ridge and his son, Michael.  We also get an update on the Burgertime refurb that won our first ‘Put Brent to Work’ listener poll and talk about Open House at the Warehouse 2.0 coming up at the end of September, 2014 in Louisville, KY.

We then take to discussing the latest in arcade and pinball reproduction artwork and parts – and there is a LOT to cover this month, respond to listener feedback and make a special announcement regarding the 30th-annual Pinball Expo.  Needless to say, we’re going on the road again!

We’ve got all the show links below, so dig into all the goodness that is our 1st “birfday” episode – welcome to #15 everyone!

Here’s how the episode breaks down:

  • Intro discussion and our first year
  • Updates and what we’ve been working on
  • (77:40 – 1 hour, 17 minutes) – Restoration Corner
  • (126:50 – 2 hours, 6 minutes) – Current events, news and listener feedback.
Show Segment Details
Seattle Pinball Museum
Restoration Corner
Current Events

As always, remember to check our Facebook page – facebook.com/brokentoken for LOTS of content in-between the episodes, as Brent and I are keep a lively presence on the podcast page and we enjoy lots of lively discussion on trending topics.  Follow us on Twitter – twitter.com/brokentoken – as well and if you want to talk to us directly, give us a shout on the podcast voicemail line – 470-2CALLBT (470-222-5528)

Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

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