Episode 07a – 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo – Friday Night Livestream Show


March 2014

This is the first of 3 ‘special episodes’ that encompasses our coverage of the 2014 Louisville Arcade Expo.

This show was recorded Friday night, March 7th 2014 and includes live coverage from the expo floor, a daily recap of the show (with tons of banter, discussion and fun) and sit-in guest interviews from show participants.  We catch up with Ed Lutz (interviewed in Episode 02), Geoff Schunerle (interviewed in Episode 03), local collector Jason Bradley and Travis Sims from Arcade Rescue 911. To wrap it all up, we even have a special visit from Brent’s niece as she sits in for a bit and gives us all the ‘expert’ view from the perspective that really matters.

We’ll also be releasing the Saturday night livestream show (with special guests John Trudeau, Preston Burt from Gameroom Junkies Arcade & Pinball Podcast and Phoebe Smith, more family members and friends of the show – just to name a few!) along with our special coverage of the John Trudeau and Python Anghelo discussion panel. Be sure to check back for those episodes to be posted soon!

Join in on the fun and relive the action of the expo!  Brent and I proceed to talk ourselves hoarse over all the activity of the show, but it was a fantastic time and we look forward to bringing more live events to the show over time.

Let us know what you think – send us an e-mail (podcast@brokentoken.com) or leave us a voicemail at 470-2CALLBT!

Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

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