Episode 02 – Lay A Strap To It


October 2013

Welcome back to episode #2 of the podcast!  In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics – everything from classic board games, to pinball mods to moving games to ratchet straps (ah… ratchet straps) to accidentally trashing a classic *and* we have our first ‘in-studio’ interview!  We’re grateful to have Ed Lutz, owner of Arcade Odyssey in Louisville, KY – a local arcade and pinball repair business – sit in for a discussion that spans the years and we get to learn a lot about the man behind the ‘elutz’ handle.

Here’s how this episode breaks down.  It’s a long one, but hey – use the pause button whenever necessary and enjoy the show over the course of a few days – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Show Segment Layout

  1. 0:15 – Introduction
    Brent and I cover what we’ve been up to over the past month.  Brent scores find of the month, though, as he covers the backstory on a few ‘arcade ambience’ items that enhance the fun of the game room.btpodcast-episode-02-postpic-01
  2. 49:25 – Deep Dives
    1. 50:30 – Eli Curtz’s Tron Pro fiber light ramp mod
      Pinside thread – http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/wthack-tron-pro-near-98501
      I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with one of the beta testers on this mod.  He was kind enough to open his house and let me bring in a camera and get some great game footage of this mod in action.  As of this writing several of the kits are now shipping and a few have even been installed.
      For those of us still on the waiting list (like me) this is a great show of what our beloved Tron games will be looking like once this kit is installed!

      Enjoy the light show and watch the video through, as the owner knows the game well and is able to demonstrate several of the game modes and shows how well the lights synchronize to game play.
      To me, this is a *must have* mod for Tron.  ‘nuff said.

    2. 70:31 (1 hour, 10:30) – Riptor’s monitor remote adjustment kits for the Electrohome G07 and Sanyo 20EZ
      TwistyWristArcade – http://www.twistywristarcade.com
      KLOV thread – http://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?p=2585039
    3. 81:10 (1 hour, 21:10) – Moving arcade games
      Brent lays out the good, bad and ugly of moving games and we talk about all the details (and things to think about) when bringing home your grail.  Whitney talks ratchet straps (and more ratchet straps, and more ratchet straps) and reveals a skeleton in his closet.  Be sure to listen and razz him good the next time you see him!

      Since the ratchet straps were so hotly debated, we’ve decided to include a link to the best we know of here in the show notes.

      These can be found at SAMS’s club and they are awesome – Possibly the world’s best ratchet straps at SAMS clubbtpodcast-episode-02-postpic-05

  3. 163:33 (2 hours, 43:33) – Interview with Ed Lutz
  4. 241:23 (4 hours, 1:23) – Closing comments

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We’ll play them on the show and make you internet-famous! Smile

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Until next month – have a Happy Halloween and GAME ON!


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