82: 3 False Starts…The SFGE Story


July 2019

We’re back from July travels with all kinds of great arcade and pinball talk and a few stories to boot from our time at the 2019 Southern-Fried Gaming Expo.  Not only does the Panther travel to Atlanta in Business Class (not really… it was the front seat of Brent’s car) it inspired a host of people who wanted to buy “Panther Vision” neon glasses!  I think we’ve created a cottage industry by accident…

In addition to the updates, news and (burning) spending of Brent’s money (we buy flybacks, key locks and an Asteroids multi control panel, along with some other most excellent items) we’re joined by Stern Pinball’s own Mike Vinikour, Circus Maximus’ James Loflin and the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo’s David Corrigan.

We may be travel weary this month, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a good time and turn up short for words!!  Heck, we even speculate on Stern’s next game (which proved itself to be a double-hitter: both Star Wars “The Pin” and Jurassic Park!!)

Episode 82 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore Information
Competitive Products - We need to spend more time on their website... they have all kinds of great deals. ToolsThis month, it's flybacks & Illinois Locks (for creating a single "house key" for your gameroom)

Monitor flybacks @ Competitive Products - http://www.competitiveproducts.com/list.php?id=43

These are probably some of the best bulk deals to be found on several popular common monitors.

Illinois Locks - http://www.competitiveproducts.com/list.php?id=224
Asteroids Multi-Control Panel + Thruster CoverReproduction PartsInterest thread @ KLOV - https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=451106

Takeman is doing a small limited run of the Asteroids Multi Control Panels with the artwork screened right on a brand new reproduction panel. 

The panel will include the hinge, die cut and powder coated a fine texture black. Rich from TOG provided me with art files and color swatches for a quality reproduction.

Now for the details. I've reconfirmed my pricing and due to the great cost involved, I will have to do a pre-sale order on this. Asteroids Multi panels will be a pre-sale price of $140 each.

Thruster Covers are $30

A reproduction thruster is also on the docket!
Data East Jurassic Park main ramp @ Pinball LifeReproduction Partshttps://www.pinballlife.com/data-east-jurassic-park-main-ramp-assembly.html
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