81: The Name Dropper


June 2018

We are in the fortunate position this month to have the esteemed Nicholas Baldridge of the “For Amusement Only: The E.M. & Bingo Pinball Podcast” sit in with us this month for tri-hosting duties as we run him through the (un)ceremonious wringer as we talk all things Pinball and the new publication “Coin-Op Carnival”.  If you’ve not heard of this publication, then please go check it out (https://www.coinopcarnival.com/) and then come back and listen to this episode.

If you’d rather just dive right in, then here’s the abridged version: Coin-Op Carnival is a joint venture with Nick and his co-creator Ryan Claytor (of Elephant Eater Comics) and is a 4-volume series that features interviews with E.M. Pinball game designer(s), an E.M. pinball game reviews, in-depth technical articles (E.M. tech explained, etc.), industry-related comics and more.  It’s great fun and it feeds the brain as well – we guarantee you’ll learn something about the early days of Pinball or Brent will give you your money back!

We also catch up on a bit of industry news, talk about a new arcade component reproduction that has literally been years in the making and lament the last call of Batman ’66 before Stern “shuts it down forever”.

All this and more in 81!

Episode 81 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore Information
The Coin-Op Carnival!Books & PeriodicalsMain Site - http://coinopcarnival.com/

Nicholas Baldridge & the "For Amusement Only - The E.M. & Bingo Pinball Podcast - http://foramusementonly.libsyn.com/

Ryan Claytor & Elephant Eater Comics - http://elephanteater.com

Coin Op Carnival Tour Schedule - check it out!

TOPcast - This Old Pinball's Online PodcastPodcasthttp://www.pinrepair.com/topcast/past.php
The BitKit - FPGA JAMMA multi-arcade boardNew Productshttp://craftymech.com/bitkit-arcade-fpga/

The PokeyOne - Atari Pokey replacement!New ProductsDeveloped by David Shuman; sold at Hotrod Arcade (Chris Royalty)

Main site & to purchase - https://hotrodarcade.com/collections/arcade-boards/products/pokeyone-atari-pokey-chip-replacement-for-atari-arcade-games/

Youtube video review from "Arcade Jason" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFb0Yb5kPgo
RecBar 812

RetroShop is now an American Pinball Dealer!
Recbar is opening a new location in Southern, IN!


Stern Pinball - Last call for Batman '66Pinball
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2 thoughts on “81: The Name Dropper

  • July 18, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Hi guys,
    So couldn’t help myself when I heard you said you didn’t know how Topcast related to pinball. Well, it’s like this:-
    Clay made a series of pinball repair videos called “This Old Pinball” or TOP. Then out of that came the podcast TOPcast. Voila!

    • February 9, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Hi Andrew – first up – thanks for the comment – and I will say that I am 100% ashamed of myself that it’s taken this long to get you a reply. I really (REALLY) need to get better at checking the individual podcast episode post comment feed.

      That being said – I’d have to go back and listen to the episode, but was it me (Whitney) or Brent that made that statement? I’m a bit shocked about that myself, as we’ve both listened to TOPcast over the years, but I’ll admit – I haven’t listened to them all – I’ve only cherry-picked episodes. I really should just d/l the entire library for safe keeping and then work my way through them – so consider your comment my inspiration to do so!

      Thanks for listening!!


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