54: Two Tacos and a Cigar


April 2017

Yep, you read that right.  This month’s show is best described as a fine ‘sit me back’ with your favorite smoking jacket and two of the finest tacos the Border has to offer.  We roll back into the studio and recap our thoughts on the Louisville Arcade Expo, catch up on the happenings over both March *AND* April, get back into the swing of Spending Brent’s Money (shameless plug here…we racked up over a $500 bill EASY this month) and were delighted to feature a guest we’ve been wanting to have on the show for months now: Jimmy Litsey – BITD classic arcade operator of yore and man, does he have some cool stories to tell.  As always we plow through a ton of great and fun feedback and some industry news as well.

Oh yeah – the best part is always at the end, so be sure to stay through the credits!

Here’s how the show timings break down for this month:

  • Part 1 – 00-01:42 – Updates and what’s happening this month
  • Part 2 – 01:43 – 02:22 – Spend Brent’s Money
  • Part 3 – 02:22 – 03:23 – Operator Talk with Jimmy Litsey @ LAX 2017
  • Part 4 – 03:23 – 04:16 – News and Feedback
  • Part 5 – 04:17 – 04:21 – Spooky Pinball Tribute and Outtakes

Episode 54 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Sky CurserGamesGriffin Aerotech
Adam and JP of PodcasserolePodcastsAdam and JP @ Podcasserole!
HiscoRepairHisco's website
Used to be known as 'HMC Electronics'
General soldering iron consumables and parts
Puddles Pity PartyUnknown - not sure how to classify this one...Puddles the Clown Covers The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ With a Johnny Cash StyleThat clown sure can sing and boy is he tall....

Also, check out 'Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube..good, good stuff.

Sky Skipper ProjectRestoration
Sky Skipper Project
Latest updates on the project!

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Going to use this monitor for the project. Colors are awesome...
Nintendo's eBay StoreConsolesNintendo's eBay Store
Want a good price on a 3DS and some games? Yep - buy direct from Nintendo!
DKJr RemixModsDKjr. Remix Kit Order @ High Score SavesSo much fun is packed into such a small board...

Pixel Pals Nintendo lightsGameroom DecorPDP Pixel Pals - Go Retro!
LOZ BlocksGameroom DecorBuild your own 8-bit retro decorations!Offers many different characters from the movie Pixels as well as Nintendo and classic arcade.
Star Wars shirtSpend Brent's MoneyStar Wars Vector Arcade T-ShirtBuy the shirt already!!

The unofficial SNES / Super Famicom: A Visual CompendiumConsolesKickstarter Project
Nintendo Multi VS KitModsMulti VS Kit @ High Score Saves
Reproduction Atari Cones for buttonsReproductionsInterest thread @ KLOV


Short Cone or Tall Cone
Choice of Raw Aluminum in Tall or Short
Choice of Black in Tall or Short
The black with either be Powder Coated or Anodized Black
Pre-orders open until Friday May 5, 2017

Reproduction Mad Planets Joystick centering grommetReproductionsInterest thread @ KLOV

Need 50 grommets committed to make it go.
Reproduction Mad Planets joystick assembly!ReproductionsInterest thread @ KLOVYep - the whole dang joystick!!
Qbert / Gottlieb High Score reset circuit improvementModInfo thread @ KLOV

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