69: Give Me My Pancake!

The prodigal son returns from his unintentional hiatus – or in other words….the slacker is back!

Brent and Whitney are back at it ‘retro’ style with gameroom updates, gift openings, Iron Maiden talk and plenty of money spending to go around….

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Episode 19 – The Village and the Idiot

We’re back in the studio to recap all things related to Pinball Expo 2014 where we run through all the announcements, give our thoughts on everything we saw and discuss the most notable parts of the show. We then discuss what we’ve been working on in-between travels over the past month and Brent recaps his progress on the Burgertime Project (the winner in the “Put Brent to work” poll) while Whitney finally (*finally*) gets one of the games he’s been after for years (a grail?!?!?) – Zoo Keeper!

We are fortunate this month, as we have two interviews – our first guest is Andrew Heighway of Heighway Pinball and we talk about all things related to Full Throttle and get some info on the upcoming Alien Pinball. Gerry Stellenberg of Multimorphic Pinball sits down with Brent for our second interview and discusses the P3 pinball platform while we get some scoop on Lexi Lightspeed and Cosmic Cart Racing!

We announce the winner of our first listener contest, play some voicemail, respond to some feedback and talk a bit about another upcoming Chicago trip where we go back to Stern for a factory tour!

All this and more and Brent finally gives us the answer to the question we never asked – purple. My answer was 42, so we had to come up with a compromise. 😉 I don’t think Brent ever found his dancing shoes…

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