Episode 37–Not Quite Siskel & Ebert


January 2016

Still shaking off that eggnog induced funk from the Holidays?  Yeah, so are we…slowly but surely the fog is lifting and 2016 is looking pretty good thus far…

The good thing about this past Holiday break is the sheer amount of “fun” we had over the past several weeks.   We were fortunate to host quite a few activities and we’ve got some great guests lined up for this month’s show.

First up, Victor and Tori Marland (from the Tenpence Arcade podcast) paid us a visit over the break.  They were vacationing here in the US and we finally got all the stars lined up for them to come over to Whitney’s house for an evening.  We deep-fried turkey, talked shop and had a “grand old time”.  We gave them each a microphone and asked them to do their best “American accents” and it was great.  You can hear a recap of their trip in episode 52.5 – ‘Merica Trip

Next up, we feature Jeremy and Matt Fleitz from the Louisville Arcade Expo as they give us a run-down on this years’ show and what to expect (and what hasn’t been decided on yet) . Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Joel West and Steve Ritchie are the headline guests (so far) and along with the PAPA circuit stop, tons of arcade, pinball and console games, this year promises to be great fun.

We then clear off on the monthly updates, spend a TON of Brent’s money, talk about the newly-announced Spiderman Vault Edition from Stern (way more pics are available on their Facebook Page) and even pull our own version of Siskel & Ebert by discussing our thoughts on Star Wars – The Force Awakens.  The talk is FULL of spoilers, so we put it at the end of the episode, right after the outtakes – that way you don’t have to skip around to find it (or avoid it)!


I think the guys would be proud…

Obit Roger Ebert

Here’s how the show timings break down:

00:00 –  Gameroom, Project, Personal updates & general goings on

01:13 –  “Across the Pond” with Victor & Tori Marland

02:18 – Let’s Spend Brent’s Money!

02:51 – Jeremy and Matt Fleitz from the Louisville Arcade Expo

03:34 – News and Feedback

03:56 – Outtakes!

03:57:40 – Let’s Talk Star Wars!

Episode 37 - Show Links

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Nick Baldridge and the "For Amusement Only EM and Bingo Pinball Podcast"PodcastFor Amusement Only EM and Bingo Pinball PodcastBrent is featured in Episode 302, when Nick came to Louisville over the Christmas Holiday!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 37–Not Quite Siskel & Ebert

  • February 11, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Nice one guys. Excellent show to start off 2016. I especially loved the Star Wars segment including the mention of some classic films. I could listen to you chaps all day long just talking about movies. I watched the film twice, the first time in 3D and the second time in 2D and to me, 3D didn’t add anything to the movie, besides 2D is more retro. Keep up the great work.
    Andrew Hannay (Uk)
    (The guy who made the Pong Watch)

    • February 24, 2016 at 10:27 pm

      Hey Andrew – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment (and the kind words)! Being (extremely) retro myself, I tend to only catch movies in 2D at this point, but should give 3D a shot at some point.

      We had a great time doing the movie review and received some very positive comments on it. Do you think it’s something we should continue to do? We’d structure the review in the same way – at the end of an episode so as to not intermix with the ‘normal’ content.

      Let us know – thanks!


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