Episode 23 – My Bucket Runneth Empty


February 2015

*whew*… we just barely made it in under the “short month” deadline for this episode.. weather here in KY has been nothing short of “tough” the past several weeks and getting together to record has been a bit of a challenge due to that.  BUT – we found a decent day break in the -10 temperatures and took advantage of it and had a blast putting together this month’s show.

We run through our game room/hobby updates, which are “interesting” this month, to say the least.  I (Whitney) have been on the road for work quite a bit, so getting any time to log against my ZooKeeper has been tough.  Not letting that keep me down, I did spend a good amount this month on “laundry list” items like building out a “road warrior” mobile game-fixing toolbox and what you should have in it, acquiring some more tube-swap tubes and was able to score an entire evening at The Place, Retro Arcade all to myself!  Brent continues the work on the Kiddierama cartoon theater and asks himself why in the world he even wanted to work on a Space Invaders to begin with.

We’ve got our official broadcast scheduled ironed out for the Louisville Arcade Expo now (below) and should have our booth in full effect at the show, so please stop by if you are attending, as we’ll get you mic’d up and on the show!

  • Friday, March 6th @  7:00 PM EST
  • Saturday, March 7th @ 7:00 PM EST

We’re also going to feature a new special “late night” broadcast on Saturday night March 7th @ 10:30 PM EST called the “BT Happy Hour” where we’re going to get as many show-attending listeners on the air as possible and talk arcades and go totally unplugged – it should be a lot of fun!

All of our live broadcasts will be streamed on our MixLR channel – http://www.mixlr.com/brokentoken and will be released as podcast episodes as well.  Listen live and join in the chat!

This month, we have the privilege of speaking with Michael Johnson, who designed the awesome “Goonies Pinball” re-theme machine.  We’ve had this interview in the tank for a few months, but have had a hard time getting it squeezed in to other shows, but this month we put it front-and-center and we hope you’ll find the discussion around the theme, the process and the inspiration interesting.

Mix in some laughs, some great arcade restoration and new Kickstarter project discussions and the fact that poor Brent can’t carry his own water and you’ve got episode #23 of the show!

Here’s how the episode breaks down:

  • Segment 1 – Intro, updates and what we’ve had going on
  • Segment 2 – Interview with Michael Johnson, Goonies Pinball (1:06:30 – 66 minutes, 30 seconds)
  • Segment 3 – Technical and Restoration Discussion, News and Feedback (2:03:20 – 123 minutes, 20 seconds)
  • Outtakes @ 3:07

Episode 23 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Space InvadersGameSpace Invaders @ KLOVTurns out Brent really doesn't like this game....
KiddieRama Cartoon TheaterRetro CoinOpBillySeven.net archiveHow this project came to be...
No projector.
Building Linux system based on Raspberry Pi. B+
Power and Shutdown Issues.
Soldering EquipmentTools Stahl SSVT Variable Temp soldering station

Weller WCL100 @ HMC Electronics
Reproduction Nintendo blue/orange pushbuttonsKickstarterKickstarter PageEnds on 3/11/2015
$7,500 to fund
Dual JAMMA + MAME SwitcherModInterest thread @ KLOVWould allow for hiding a MAME setup in a JAMMA cabinet and switch between it and two boards.
Warlords Cocktail Reproduction Wiring HarnessReproductionsPre-Order thread @ KLOV
$140 Shipped in CONUS
Comes complete with two control panel harnesses in addition to the main game harness
Wldfire on KLOV
Atari Cabaret control panelsReproductionsThread @ KLOV$78 shipped
Powder-coated black with hinges & latches.
die-punched for Centipede; blanks not punched
Takeman on KLOV
NES - > Playchoice adaptersModThread @ KLOV
2nd run; $100 shipped
Buffett on KLOV
Asteroids Deluxe UV bezel artworkReproductionsThread @ KLOV$140 shipped
Badcats plastic playfield protectorsReproductionsThread @ PinsideIndypinhead on Pinside
15-piece set made from Polycarbonate
$62 shipped
Dracula plastic playfield protectors
ReproductionsThread @ PinsideIndypinhead on KLOV
$46 per set; 6-piece set
CPR announces Reproduction "The Addams Family" playfield
ReproductionsOrders page @ CPR

$899 leftovers price if any playfields are abandoned.
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