Episode 22 – I love them, but they don’t love me back


 January 2015

We’re ringing in 2015 with a bit of flair by way of some updates to the podcast, and we trust that everyone is as excited as we are for some of the changes we’re making for the New Year!

With the Holidays now squarely behind us, we take some time to revisit the holidays a bit and cover what we’ve been up to for the past month – which turned into far, far more than either of us had originally thought.  I (Whitney) have been hammering on the ZooKeeper resto project and cabbaging as many tube swap candidates that I can find.  Brent, on the other hand has been BUSY.. so much so that it took both of by surprise once we worked our way through the list.  I didn’t know if we might need to give him a dedicated episode or what…

Speaking of, Brent goes on the road for our first interview – New Years Eve @ The Place, Retro Arcade and not only talks with owner Cary Chaney and world-record holder Estel Goffinet (and laments why arcade games just don’t seem to like him very much) as well as some of the most important (and often under-appreciated) people in the hobby – Arcade Wives!

In an interview double-header, we sit down with the guys from the Louisville Arcade Expo and cover what to expect from this years’ show as well as catch up on general happenings in the expo circuit and discuss the special guests (David Crane and more!) that will be making an appearance in Louisville in March 2015.

We also cover a literal TON of restoration and reproduction topics this month… it’s been really active in that area and there’s a lot of new products and mods available that we run the gamut on.  Oh, be sure to check out the Kiddierama Cartoon Theater that Brent has been working on.  It’s definitely a ‘one of a kind” project and is a neat mashup of old and new tech.


A special thanks and shout-out to our new “partner in crime” – Hayseed Dixie – for permission for us to use their “MAXIMUM ROCKGRASS!!” music in the show!

We’re super excited to offer up this great blend of classic rock and “Kentucky Proud” (….that would be bluegrass music) and we’re looking forward to further revamping/improving the audio of the show.  This is our first cut at what we know will be a much better sounding podcast over the next several months.  We’d LOVE to hear your feedback and suggestions as well!

Here’s how the episode breaks down:

  • Segment 1 – Intro, updates and what we’ve had going on
  • Segment 2 – Technical and Restoration Discussion (1:43:40 – 103 minutes, 40 seconds)
  • Segment 3 – New Years Eve @ The Place, Retro Arcade – Cary Chaney & Estel Goffinet (2:07:15 – 127 minutes, 15 seconds)
  • Segment 4 – New Years Eve @ The Place, Retro Arcade – Kim Chaney & Erica Goffinet (2:16:25 – 136 minutes, 25 seconds)
  • Segment 5 – Interview with ArcadeRX / Louisville Arcade Expo (2:24:10 – 144 minutes, 10 seconds)
  • Segment 6 – News, Feedback and special announcements (3:29:15 – 209 minutes, 15 seconds)
  • Outtakes @ 3:55:00

Episode 22 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
BurgerTimeGameBurgerTime @ KLOVInstalled the monitor.
Started to straighten out the power portions of the main harness.
DevastatorsGameDevastators @ KLOVVertical JAMMA - Was a 1st Gen arcade shop multi-board.
Changed the CP back to the original setup re-installed the Devastators board.
Moved it out of the game room.
Kung-Fu MastersGameKung-Fu Masters @ KLOVSwapped the joystick for a CoinCo model that came from the Devastators. Had a HAPP
Moved it out of the game room.
Mortal KombatGameMortal Kombat @ KLOVKit game in a generic cab that Brent had in storage.
Cleaned it up, capped the 4900.
Still need to pickup a tinted piece of plexi for the bezel.
KiddieRama Cartoon TheaterRetro CoinOpBillySeven.net archiveHow this project came to be...
No projector.
Building Linux system based on Raspberry Pi. B+
Power and Shutdown Issues.
Raspberry PiComputing Raspberry Pi Main Website

Raspberry Pi Page @ MCM Electronics
Williams Big GunsPinballBrent gets one of these - that lucky dog!
ZooKeeperGameHarness work and everything I had to order for it.
Crimpers, etc.
Cabinet cleaning.
Fastener reconditioning.
Power supply issues and switcher swap-out kit from Arcadeshop.
Tube swap, PCB rework and harness work up next.
Rally-X Silkscreen Bezel on tempered Glass - Phoenix ArcadeReproductionsPre-Order thread on KLOVCost is $125 + shipping to CONUS
Pre-order ends on 2/1/2015
Food Fight Joystick PartsReproductionsPre-order thread @ KLOV
Both joystick/bearing assemblies and joysticks (alone) are available
Tempest Cocktail silkscreened glass - Phoenix ArcadeReproductionsPre-Order thread @ KLOV
Darin says these will not be run again!
Screen printed upright BattleZone side-art - Phoenix ArcadeReproductionsThread @ KLOVFull sized Battlezone side art printed from the original ATARI films, thanks to Scott Evans.
Convert a Punch-Out (PO) joystick to Super Punch Out (SPO)ModThread @ KLOV
Super Punch Out!! Protection PCB w/ Double PunchModThread @ KLOVAlso check out this thread @ KLOV for pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about converting a PO board to SPO.
AC/DC Swinging Bell from SternModThread @ PinsideEverlasting hope...
Walking Dead Pinball Prison TowerModMod homepage @ MezelModsBuy it at the Stern Store!
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