Episode 17 – So Much Canned Cheese… So Little Time…







October 2014

This is part 2 of 3 of our coverage from Pinball Expo 2014.  This episode is a recording of the panel discussion we participated in entitled “Covering the World of Pinball, One Podcast at a Time”, held on Saturday October 18th.  This was a moderated discussion led by Expo organizer David Fix.

Brent and I had the honor of sitting in with an ensemble cast consisting of Preston and Patrick from Gameroom Junkies, Nate from Coast 2 Coast Pinball, Rob Craig from the Silverball Podcast and Charlie, KT, Squirrel, Bug and Bryan Kelly from Spooky Pinball.

The (Bug) Terminator shows up, everyone buys a can of cheese and we all discuss what it’s like to produce our respective shows and involve our families in the podcasts.  We revisit some of our favorite episodes and talk about the overall coverage of the world of Pinball – all while having as much fun as possible in the process!

Special thanks go to Shawn O’Shea for pictures and Martin Ayub (PinballNews.com) for pictures and contributing the panel audio!

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

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