61: We Are Professional Grade


November 2017

Thanksgiving (and November as a whole) – it seems to come and go in a flash – whether we like it or not. Despite the pace, it’s always important to take the time and reflect on what to be thankful for this year.  For us, it’s being back home safe and sound (Whitney) to get back in the studio and for not blowing out a Christmas budget (Brent) by spending too much money – and Whitney invents yet another new word!  Did we say we are professionals?

So true to form, what do we do instead of spending all of Brent’s money?  We run through our monthly updates, talk about what’s coming up with the Holidays, Whitney recaps his UK trip for the Sky Skipper reveal at the Arcade Club and we discuss our most excellent weekend at the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo.   We chat a bit about the upcoming Pole Position FPGA board, Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball and the Mike Doyle multi-Pac kit (Brent likes Pac-Man instead of Donkey Kong…go figure).

As a special treat, we also have a bonus segment we recorded with Adam and JP of Podcasserole while at the Expo.  It was a ton of fun, as we talked arcade games, movies, all kinds of pop-culture references, and learned quite a bit about Back to the Future, as well.

Can’t no Tryptophan keep us podcasters down!

Here’s how the timings for the show break down:

* Segment 1 – 00:00 – 01:52 – Monthly updates, Trip to the UK and the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo
* Segment 2 – 01:52 – 02:29 – Podcasserole with Adam and JP!
* Segment 3 – 02:29 – 03:50 -Spend Brent’s Money, News and Feedback
* Segment 4 – 03:52 – Gobble, gobble!

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

Episode 61 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Sky Skipper ProjectRestoration
Sky Skipper Project - UK Reveal Details

Alex's UK Reveal weekend recap and thoughts -

Watch the UK reveal in its entirety - thanks to Retro Dave!
Latest updates on the project!

Please check it out, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

Mark Speath / Cambridge Arcade ribbon cable testerToolsInfo thread on KLOV$50 each

Lunar Lander Reproduction wiring harness kitReproduction partsInfo thread on KLOV$140 each per set

Mike Doyle "Multi-PAC" kitAdd-on parts
OneCircuit Pole Position FPGA kitAdd-on partsOneCircuit Facebook PageOne day soon.....
Stern Pinball "Guardians of the Galaxy"GamePRO - MSRP $6,199




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