60: Almost a Show…


October 2017

It was bound to happen, but we’re proud to say it took 60 episodes before we had to call in a favor – friend of the show David Corrigan (from the Grand Ole Gameroom Expo) sits in the ‘Whitney chair’ this month and picks up the slack since Whitney has been out gallivanting across the globe with the UK Sky Skipper reveal.

Despite the show improving quite a bit, just don’t expect such a high bar to be upheld going forward every single episode… we can’t afford this kind of consistent talent!
But enough with that, let’s hear about the good stuff – the games and what’s been going on this past month…

Brent discusses some pretty significant lineup changes, and what’s he’s taking down to the Nashville show to put in the linuep.  Multiple Tron’s are discussed (like who has two Tron’s anyway?  It’s about like having 5 Defender’s…) and Brent runs through some good fix-up parts for MCR games.  David gives us some some info on his background, his personal collection and digs into just what it takes to be the “head guy in charge” of running a large expo in today’s market.  In a nutshell – it’s not easy, and it takes determination and commitment. We do wind up hearing from Whitney though, as he phones in an interview segment from across the pond as he and Alex review the UK Sky Skipper reveal weekend and discuss their thoughts on the project now that it is coming to a formal close.  Stand ready though – we’ll hear the full recap of Whitney’s two weeks in the UK and more on the UK reveal event on the November show.

We toss in some listener feedback, revisit the Ghostbusters topic and talk about more of Brent’s “famous” repairs as well.

It’s a Happy Halloween/end of October freak-show bonanza (but without the clowns)!

Here’s how the timings for the show break down:

* Segment 1 – 00:00 – 01:10 – Monthly updates and David Corrigan!
* Segment 2 – 01:10 – 02:29 – How to (and how not to) run an Expo
* Segment 3 – 02:29 – 03:17 – Far&Wide with Alex Crowley
* Segment 4 – 03:17 – 03:45 – News and Feedback
* Segment 5 – 03:45 – Outtakes and stuff…

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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

Episode 60 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Sky Skipper Project - UK Reveal coming up in October!Restoration
Sky Skipper Project - UK Reveal Details

Alex's UK Reveal weekend recap and thoughts -

Watch the UK reveal in its entirety - thanks to Retro Dave!
Latest updates on the project!

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Tron and Satan's Hollow replacement JoysticksReproduction PartsTron - Blue

Satan's Hollow - Red
$25 each
Midway MCR Power Supply AdapterModsThis adapter along with a switching power supply will replace the oringal troublesome MCR power supply.

Replaces Midway power supply part #: xxxx-90412-xxxx.
Bally-Sente Street FootballGameBally-Sente Street Football @ KLOV
Bally-Sente Snake PitGameBally-Sente Snake Pit @ KLOV
Atari Middle EarthGameAtari Middle Earth @ IPDB
Williams RanchoGameWilliams Rancho @ IPDB
Williams Liberty BellGameWilliams Liberty Bell @ IPDB
Williams Road KingsGameWilliams Road King @ IPDB
Kee Games Twin RacerGameKee Games Twin Racer @ KLOV
Hatch Show PrintsAccessoriesSome art for the heathen in all of us...


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