114: Tires and Soap

July 2023

Summer here in KY marches on and we are finally able to get the July show out to everyone… in August. 🙂  Family and other commitments have to be juggled, but we’re here and we’re bringing the heat (bad pun, good use) for this episode, and we think you’ll feel the same.

First up we delve into project updates, some new Pinball news with Stern announcing Venom, the triumphant return of “Spend Brent’s Money” with some new soldering aid and general board repair tools and some interesting developments in the Atari console scene – both at the AtariAge Store and with a new multicart for the 7800 that has some pretty unique features.  Brent returns to the show car circuit with his 1LE and Whitney digs into his recent cabaret acquisitions.  And what does the show title have to do with anything?  Well, we weaved it all together somehow…we won’t let you down!


We are proud to partner with the Music City Multi Con to release the first in a 3-part panel series from the 2022 show featuring David Crane, Dan Kitchen and Garry Kitchen where, over the course of three inter-connected interviews, we explore:

The video for each panel is linked above and will be updated as the videos are published and the podcast episodes are released.

It’s our hope that you enjoy this very special presentation and retrospective look at the long and storied history of Activision and the people behind the powerhouse that it became.  It was an honor being able to spend so much time (far more than originally planned) with these legends of the gaming industry and we hope it comes across the same.

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Episode 114 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore Information
Moon PatrolArcadehttps://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=8747
The Retro Chip Tester ProToolshttps://8bit-museum.de/sonstiges/hardware-projekte/hardware-projekte-chip-tester-english/

Multicomp DIP IC Pin Straightener For Narrow & Wide IC'sTools

Donegan DA-7 OptiVISOR Headband MagnifierTools

Donegan LP-5 Replacement Lens Plate for OptiVISORTools

Stern Pinball announces VenomPinballhttps://sternpinball.com/game/venom/

Pro Model

Premium Model

LE Model
AtariAge removes all ports from their online storeConsoles
RetroHQ's Atari 7800 Game DriveConsoles


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