113: The bougie is real

June 2023

It’s July 4th here in the States and we’re celebrating the fireworks and grilling with some arcade, gaming and pinball talk.  We catch up on happenings since the 2023 Louisville Arcade Expo, discuss some game rotations and sales (14 games sold between the two of us!!), fix-up project status and some side-talk on 3D printing, MiSTer and the BitKit FPGA boards, tips on shopping a pinball (Brent has been tutoring the next generation) and the elusive hunt for “all the cabarets”.

And yes, Whitney does keep all his money in the Spider-Man head bank.  Brent and the Tempest coin bucket come in clutch once again!

Spider-Man Ceramic Coin Bank Head Mask Marvel - Picture 1 of 12

What can we say… we are the bougiest podcasters in KY!



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