102: The Housecat

December 2021

Just in the nick of time, we cross the finish line to round out 2021 and discuss what the past several months has been like for us here at the show.

As you know by now, we took a 3-month hiatus and we discuss that happening and what transpired that necessitated the break.  Thanks to everyone who noticed, reached out and asked if we were OK – we appreciate each and every one of you!

As we look at the arcade/pinball happenings during that time, we catch up on gameroom happenings and discuss the following:

  • Updates on the “Arcade Travel Toobag” topic (discussed at length in Ep. 74)
  • Brent repairing his Nintendo Vs. and Championship Sprint
  • The replacement Omega Race board
  • Improved WG6100 HV Boards with a new T901
  • The “Ultimate” Retro Chip tester?
  • Updates on the Multi-Pac kit landscape

To round out the goodness, we respond to some mailbag feedback, discuss our October trip to the Music City Multi Con, Whitney makes an appearance on Del’s Arcade Roundtable and we talk about the upcoming Stern Insider Connected kits and the new year/2022 price increases.

The episode banner is dedicated to Whitney’s father, Housecat. Words will never be enough, but may the fishing be good every single day.

Episode 102 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore Information
Championship SprintArcadehttps://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7312

The arcade travel tool kit saga, continues...ToolsHere's what NOT to buy...

Here's what we're currently looking at:


Jason Kopp's replacement Omega Race PCB

Jason Kopp's replacement WG 6100 HV Boards + T901
Replacement Partshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1574199482886443/permalink/2555587424747639

Music City Multi-ConEventshttps://Musiccitymulticon.com
Del's Arcade Roundtable - #6 [Across The Pond]Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NPbQhp5fAE

Retro Chip Tester ProToolshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n46oM3jXmtU
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