110: Give Up The Funk

Holiday break is over and we’re gearing up for the 2023 Louisville Arcade Expo! We talk to show runners Corey Stup and Joe Stith and catch up on arcade travel tools, Pac-Man rumors and get into some Candy Cab discussions, all while opening Christmas presents and listening to BT Express!

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108: The David Corrigan Experience

Let’s call this one the “After Summer Hiatus 2022 show” 🙂

We’re back in the studio after a rather impromptu break over the Summer and catching up on life, projects, more life and toss in some arcade and pinball talk along the way. 

As a bonus, we have a virtual sit-in with David Corrigan, owner/organizer of the Music City Multi Con, as he takes us through all the highlights of the 2022 version of the expo, taking place Oct. 28-30th, right outside of Nashville, TN.  We’ll be there conducting some panels, playing pinball, cruising the vendor booths and having an all-around great time – we hope to see you there!

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