107: Canned Heat

Let’s call this one the “Before Summer 2022 Hiatus show” 🙂

Yep, we admit it – the summer got away from us and we didn’t get this episode out nearly as quickly as intended.  This one has been “in the can” for a couple of months, and we’ll let you decide if we brought any heat… (insert wah wah sound here). 

We cover a host of topics from microscopes to power supplies to Rally-X and Toy Story 4 from JJP. Even though the pinball reveal is old news at this point, I don’t think our opinions are off the mark today, so give us a grade!

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104: The KLOV Kloset

It’s the (hopeful) end of Winter weather here in the Bluegrass and that means the expo circuit is right around the corner.  In that vein, we feature a discussion about the upcoming 2022 Louisville Arcade Expo with organizers Corey Stup and Joe Stith and get amped up for the show – especially coming off of a two-year hiatus!

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103: Spiderman’s Breakfast

It’s the podcasting breakfast of champions as we talk Spiderman:No Way Home, Brent’s Carnival King, Stern’s new Rush Pinball, Q&A on repairing the K7000 monitor, some 3D printing parts (that are now up on Thingiverse) and honor the genius of Lyman Sheats, Jr.

And we (non-ASMR) try some Ghostbusters cereal – yeah, it’ll all make sense after you listen to the show. 🙂

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