88: MPH

88 MPH – it’s the seminal episode that we’ll never get to name this way again! We name the winner of the Superman ’78 translite (sponsored by Lit Frames) and cover off on at least 16 (at last count) different arcade, pinball and console gaming topics to make this month worthy of it’s namesake!

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84: Bless His Heart

It’s a whole lotta September and little bit of October for this show! We have guest-host Jim Hale sitting in for Whitney this month and Brent drives the bus as they cover off on 10+ topics that range from thoughts on Stern’s Jurassic Park & Elvira, the lament of Suncoast Pinball, the Pontiac Fiero catching fire, the new “Star Wars” Arcade 1Up machines and how cast changes to the Dukes of Hazzard scarred them both for life.

All up, just another normal episode!

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