103: Spiderman’s Breakfast

It’s the podcasting breakfast of champions as we talk Spiderman:No Way Home, Brent’s Carnival King, Stern’s new Rush Pinball, Q&A on repairing the K7000 monitor, some 3D printing parts (that are now up on Thingiverse) and honor the genius of Lyman Sheats, Jr.

And we (non-ASMR) try some Ghostbusters cereal – yeah, it’ll all make sense after you listen to the show. 🙂

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102: The Housecat

Just in the nick of time, we cross the finish line to round out 2021 and discuss what the past several months has been like for us here at the show.

As you know by now, we took a 3-month hiatus and we discuss that happening and what transpired that necessitated the break.  Thanks to everyone who noticed the break, reached out and asked if we were OK – we appreciate each and every one of you!

This episode is dedicated to Whitney’s father, Housecat. Words will never be enough, but may the fishing be good every single day.

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