Episode 46–Back to the cackle part XLVI


September 2016

If there’s any possible way to mash up arcade and pinball talk, a ton of updates, some hilarious feedback, a brand new “side project” announcement (like Whitney needs another one), game pickups, BTTF, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lazer Blaze, birthday parties and a new multimeter all into one episode, then yeah – we can call Episode 46 “mission accomplished”.

With all that, I’m not really sure what else to say.  You’ll need to listen and sort it all out for yourself, because our minds are mush after recording this episode.  I think the only thing we had left over on the cutting room floor was the kitchen sink and it will somehow make it into episode 47, I am sure.

In all seriousness, we have a ton of topics that we cover this month – you can akin it to driving in circles for 88 miles and moving forward 3.  See what I did there!?!?!

Thanks for listening and here’s to ending September 2016 on the highest note possible! Here’s how the show timings break down for this month:

  1. 00:00 – Intro and monthly updates
  2. 01:21 – Segment 2 (that is really Segment 3!)
  3. 01:21 – Tech & Spend Brent’s Money
  4. 02:25 – News and Feedback
  5. 03:21 – Outtakes

Episode 46 - Show Links

Here's a 'one-stop' shop for all the items we mentioned in this month's episode!
TopicCategoryMore InformationNotes
Lazer BlazeUhh.....Lazer Blaze
It's back! I guess it never really left tho....
Great Plains ElectronicsToolsGreat Plains Electronics

Sky Skipper ProjectUhh....

Not even sure how to classify this... will shoot for the following:


Sky Skipper Project
Announcing the Sky Skipper Project!
Resistor packs on System 9-11 PinballsPartsBussed vs. Isolated Resistor Packs
Resistor packs Brent mentions on the showParts1K 10 pin Bussed - Get it on Mouser!

4.7K 10 Pin Bussed - Get it on Mouser!

560 Ohm 10 pin Bussed - Get it on Mouser!

1K 8 pin Isolated - Get it on Mouser!
Mad PlanetsGameGame link on KLOVk

THIS Is how you put a Mad Planets in a Dodge Magnum.

Yep - it took 3 tries AND 3 of us to load it.
Reproduction Atari System 2 EMI cages for game PCBReproduction PartsInfo thread on KLOV

Reproduction Back Door SheetReproduction PartsBack Door Sheets @ High Score Saves

All 37 of em!!
Upright Pole Position Reproduction HarnessReproduction PartsInterest thread @ KLOV 1 x Pole Position AC Wiring Harness
1 x Pole Position Main Wiring Harness

$120 shipping in CONUS
Repro Quantum PCB Blanks Run #3Reproduction PartsPre-Order Page on KLOV


$180 shipped for each PCB blank.
Stern Pinball 'Batman '66'GameBatman 66 order consideration application
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Thanks for listening and GAME ON!

4 thoughts on “Episode 46–Back to the cackle part XLVI

  • October 25, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Dear Broken Token:

    Thank you for the shout out regarding the Laser Tag Museum. Even we have to say…”Yes, there is a laser tag museum”, lol.

    We are glad that you had a great time at the Laser Tag Museum and Lazer Blaze.

    Best regards,

    Erik Guthrie
    Laser Tag Museum

    • October 30, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Hey Erik!

      Thanks for the comment on the episode and glad you are enjoying the show. We read your comment on the air in ep. 47 and gave you a big shout-out. Hope to visit someday!

    • October 30, 2016 at 4:56 pm

      Hey Charles, thanks for the note! Yeah, Brent was all over that one… I never even knew such a place existed. 🙂 It’s something to add to the ‘check it out’ list for sure!


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