SFGE 2016 Panel Discussion – Repair it, Restore it – Don’t spend your money on it, spend Brent’s instead!


Join us for one of the panel discussions we presented at the 2016 Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo​.

In this video we walk through current topics in the arcade collecting community (prices, game availability, collecting phases, etc.) and discuss reproductions vs. NOS vs. rebuilding vs…. yeah – you get the drift.

We also flip the content and show you how to save some of that hard-earned cash by building your own bench testing rig that is capable of running both arcade PCB’s and arcade monitors simultaneously, and is switchable between 100v and 115v for powering both Sanyo (Nintendo) or a normal (WG, Electrohome, Vision Pro, etc.) arcade monitor – SWEET, right!?!?!

If you want to grab a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation and the Bill of Material for the ‘Beast Board’ shown in this video, then check the links below and get to building!

BT Beast Board – v1.1 – Assembly tips and Bill of Materials



SFGE 2016 – Repair it, Restore it – Don’t spend your money on it, spend Brent’s instead


Here’s a few pictures of the board assembly to help you along if you decide to build a version of the board for yourself:

Finished shots

Assembly shots


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