Episode 25 – Hear the Fool, Be the Fool, LOVE the Fool!

April 1st is a day of jokes, gags and fun so Brent and I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to poke some fun at ourselves and compile a collection of outtakes from previous episodes, as well as some bloopers from some of our past live shows!

It takes a lot of mistakes to make up a show episode (trust us, we generate tons of them every month) but we picked some of the best for everyone to enjoy and thought it neat to put out a mini-show between regular episodes.

We trust you’ll get a few laughs at our expense (as it should be) and enjoy the show. We’re holding a few more back (hey, we wanna put together a 2x show for next year!) so rest assured there’s more then enough tomfoolery (#20dollarword) to go around!

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