Episode 18 – Whole Lotta Pinball Going On

This is part 3 of 3 of our coverage from Pinball Expo 2014. This episode is a recording of our livestream show on Saturday, October 18th, where we recap the weekend and talk through everything we’ve seen and what really sticks as we wrap up the expo. We talk about several of the more unique games at Expo, we give EM’s some love and talk about the afternoon’s autograph session (where Whitney goes all fanboi for Steve Richie).

We also spend some time talking to Patrick Wall from Gameroom Junkies to get his input on the expo as well as listener Shawn O’Shea – who gifted us with some awesome #FAARPARR shirts during the podcasters panel and was a big help to us over the weekend.

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Episode 10 – Live from The Place Retro Arcade with John Salter and Estel Goffinet

We take the show ‘live on the road’ to ‘The Place, Retro Arcade’ in Cincinnati, OH to talk world record-setting with Armor Attack marathon record holder John Salter and Donkey Kong contender Estel Goffinet. Whitney loses his voice, Brent carries the mail and we almost hit a goat at 75mph. It doesn’t get any better!

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